If you wish to give access to a single account to another user, you can do so by adding them as a team member.

Team members can only be added from the web version of Crowdfire. Currently, you cannot add team members via the mobile apps, but once added your team members can access features via any platforms.

Here's how you can add team members to your account -

  1. Login to your Crowdfire account on your laptop/desktop at http://web.crowdfireapp.com
  2. Click on the Settings icon (gear) at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Click on Team Support in the left bar and then Go to your Team.

Here you have 2 options -

  • Email View - You can a team member via their email ID which is connected to their Crowdfire account. After which you will see a list of all your connected social accounts. You can choose to give access to specific accounts by clicking on the 'Give Access' button for each account. Here's a quick screen recording - https://cl.ly/pJE0
  • Account View - Here you can first choose which of your connected social accounts you want to give access to and then add a team member via their email ID which is connected to their Crowdfire account. 

Remember, for a team member to be added, that person also needs to have a Crowdfire account already. So do ask your Team members to first create their own Crowdfire accounts. 

This feature works for Twitter Manage features and Publish.

Twitter Manage Features - The team member will be able to perform all the actions without any restrictions in the Manage section.

Publish - Team member will be able to schedule posts and view the timeline.

Networks supported - Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook page, Linkedin, Linkedin Company.

This feature doesn't support video scheduling. Also, note that the Instagram notification will go to the owner.

Number of team members supported -

Free plan - Zero

Plus plan - 1

Premium plan - 2

VIP plan - 2