Does Crowdfire keep connecting a social account different than the one you’re trying to add? 

This is happening because you’re logged into that social account in another browser. So every time you try to add another account, Crowdfire assumes you’re trying to add the account you’re logged in with on another browser and adds that to Crowdfire as well. 

Let's take an example of your Instagram account. 

Does Crowdfire keep connecting an Instagram account different than the one you’re trying to add? Like Instagram B instead of Instagram A? This is because you're logged into Instagram B on in another browser (on desktop and/or your phone).  

To connect Instagram account A, please log out of all Instagram accounts on on other browsers and then try adding Instagram account A account to Crowdfire again. This time around, Crowdfire should prompt you to enter your log in credentials instead of auto-detecting an account :)