It could sometimes happen that Crowdfire is not able to fetch a particular Facebook page that you're trying to add This usually happens when there's some discrepancy in your App permissions. 

Here's what you need to do

  1. Follow this link and head over to the App Settings page for your Facebook account - 
  2. Under 'Logged In with Facebook', find Crowdfire and click on X to remove it from the list
  3. Now head over to the Crowdfire web app at and follow the steps to connect your Crowdfire account once again (Click on Accounts at the top left of your screen and click on Connect Facebook)
  4. When connecting the account, at some point in the permissions you're granting, you'll be asked to 'Choose what you allow'. It's usually the 3rd step in the permissions. Click on that and then click on 'All Pages'. You should see the page you want to connect to among the list of pages that show up. Select the pages and follow the next steps to completion. 

Done! Your page should now be successfully added to Crowdfire.