The hashtag manager feature allows you to create folders of your most used hashtags and use them with a single tap. 

How do I use Hashtag manager on Crowdfire?

You can currently access it on Crowdfire's web as well as the mobile app. Here's how - 

1. Go to the "Compose" option and tap on the Hashtag icon (#)

2. Select hashtag manager, select the folder, and then tap the "Confirm selection"

3. Your saved hashtags from that particular folder will be pasted in your compose box!

How do I create folders on Hashtag manager?

1. When you're logged into Crowdfire, tap on "Compose"

2. Tap the # icon at the bottom of the Compose pop-up 
3. Then tap the Hashtag manager option. 

4. Create a folder by tapping on the + icon near the New folder option.

5. Enter a folder name, add your hashtags one by one and choose a color for your folder. 
6. Tap on "Save folder"

Plans and pricing?

Hashtag Manager is a Freemium feature.
This means you can create 1 folder on the free plan.
For more folders, you'd have to opt for Plus that allows you to create 2 folders, Premium allows 8, and VIP allows 25.