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Not sure what the queue meter is? Read on →

1. What does the Queue Meter do?

For any social media account, it’s important that new content is published on its timeline at least once every day to keep the audience engaged. The queue meter helps you keep an eye on your queued posts for each account to ensure that there is at least 1 post scheduled to go out - for the next 7 days.

Let’s take an example.

  1. For our Twitter account: @crowdfire, we want to make sure that we post at least 3 times every day.
  2. Accordingly, we have set the  Posts per day frequency to 3
  3. So for the next 7 days, we need to schedule at least 7 x 3 = 21 posts for the account @crowdfire. The queue meter bar for @crowdfire thus shows a max of 21. 


  1. This means that if we make sure that we schedule 21 posts for @crowdfire, we are good for the next 7 days!  
  2. Tomorrow, the bar will once again recalculate whether your account timeline needs more posts scheduled on it or not and display the bar and numbers accordingly.

As long as the bar for each account is full, you are good and ready! If not, then you need to schedule more posts for that particular account. That’s it!

2. What’s the number I keep seeing on the right top corner?

The number indicates the total posts that all your accounts are falling short of for the next 7 days. 

Let’s take the same example from above.

  1. For the Twitter account `@crowdfire`, let’s say we change the frequency to 4 posts /day. Now we need to schedule 28 posts so that our timeline will have 4 posts going out each day for the next 7 days. But, we have scheduled 6 posts till now. This means that there is a shortfall of all 22 posts for the Twitter account. (again, this is just for the next 7 days)
  2. This means that we still need to schedule 22 more posts. (In this case, the queue meter will indicate 22. )
  3. Now, let's say we have another account, say a Facebook account that has a frequency of 1 per day, which needs 7 posts scheduled so that the next 7 days are good to go. But for that account, we have scheduled only 1 post so far. So there are still 6 posts that we need to schedule.
  4. In this case the queue meter will show 6 + 22 = 28 
  5. Now we can see that there are still 28 posts that we need to schedule so that for the next 7 days we have new content being published for all our connected accounts. 
    1. 22 posts for the Twitter account
    2. 6 posts for the Facebook account 
  6. Once we schedule these posts on each account respectively, the queue meter will not show any number! Think of this as unread messages in your inbox.  You just need to reach inbox zero here.
  7. Tomorrow, the queue meter will again check your queued posts for the next 7 days and show the pending posts once again. 

Some important things to take note ofThe queue meter does not display the pending posts for the next week, but for the next 7 days. 

  • So if today is Monday, the queue meter will check if you have enough posts till the coming Sunday and calculate accordingly. 
  • If today is Wednesday, the queue meter will check if you have enough posts till next Tuesday. (and not just till the end of that week)

3. Got it! But what do the Posts per day frequency mean and how do I change it?

The posts per day indicate the number of posts that you want to publish for that particular account each day. If you set it to 4, then each day 4 posts will get published on that account from your scheduled posts queue.You can change this by tapping on the x/day button next to each bar.

4. Cool! If I don’t schedule posts according to the queue meter, will there be a problem?

Not at all! The queue meter is a guide to indicate the ideal number of posts you need to schedule. It’s best if you follow the indicators, but all your posts will still get published regardless. In case you do face any problems you can always write to us at - hello@crowdfireapp.com

5. Why call it Queue Meter?

We found it to be simple and easy to relate to. If you have better suggestions, please do let us know! Happy to take in new ideas 

6. I still don’t get it. Can you help me out?

Sure! Just drop us a line on hello@crowdfireapp.com and we’ll get someone in touch with you. 

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